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AHJ Information

If you would like to understand the different between NICET qualifications and CSA, contact us to understand how CSA is different.

SAMPLE REGULATION:  Are you looking to enforce your codes and require contractors to demonstrate qualifications.  This may help.   MS Word version

Another Sample Regulation in MS Word format

Sample Ordinance with policy at end in MS Word format.


FIRE ALARM AND PLAN REVIEW CHECKLIST: for engineers bid drawings and installation / shop drawings.  Formats: pdf

ENGINEERING EXPECTATIONS for fire protection bid documents Formats:  Word     PDF

SFPE/NSPE/NICET Joint Position Paper on engineering vs technicians

SEMINARS:  CSA has developed a number of code related seminars.  These seminars are intended for jurisdictions, architects, engineers, general contractors, owner representatives, and others wanting a thorough and quick introduction to the respective topic.  These classes are not designed or intended for those taking assessments.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:  We have additional information that is available specifically for jurisdictions.  For additional information contact us.

Brochure About CSA
Download this pdf document for a brochure about CSA.
Flexible Sprinkler Retrofit Analyzer

This is a FREE Excel tool to help contractors and AHJ's determine if an existing sprinkler system can be retrofitted with flexible sprinkler drops without requiring new calculations.   Excel File     pdf Handout about the tool.   We have also prepared a detailed report reviewing the concerns around flexible drops and validation of the hydraulic calculations in the Excel file.   Download pdf Report.      Excel file updated 10/11/17.   Recent revisions: Allow credit for existing drops; Minor text/format fix.  A lookup by brand version is available with conditions.  Contact CSA for information.

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