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Clean Agent Systems

PEG2- Pre-Engineered Gas Clean Agent On-Site

Review important information on the "Test Info" page common to all exams and about marking / tagging your study material.


This assessment is intended for those individuals who sell, install, inspect, test, service, and maintain clean agent suppression systems.  This assessment evaluates an individuals knowledge of NFPA 2001, NFPA 72, NFPA 70, including Annex material.  Materials related to proper design and installation of these systems.  This exam covers control panels, wiring, notification, detection, agent criteria, enclosure design, and much more.

This exam evaluates to code requirements.  This exam does not cover manufacturer specific requirements and system limitations or listing requirements.  Therefore, the AHJ should require evidence of manufacturer training for the particular system. 

The Study Guide will provide critical information to help prepare for the exam and the exam process. 

Exam Fee:

Application Fee:          None

PEG2 - Pre-Engineered Gas Clean Agent On-Site

         $180 / each attempt 

Books Required:

  • NFPA 2001, 2018 Edition

  • NFPA 72, 2019 Edition

  • NFPA 70 NEC (any edition between 2008 & 2020 will have applicable criteria)

Important Concepts:

The following lists some but not all materials covered on exams.

  • Control panels, detection, notification, wiring, etc.

  • Enclosure integrity

  • Agent selection for hazard

  • Concentration vs. time

  • Local application vs. Total Flooding systems

  • Definitions

  • and more

Documents Required from Our Site:

Download and print these pdf documents.  (click link)

Recommended for Study / Review:

These should be reviewed.

These are NOT allowed in exams.  (click link)

Other Optional Study Material:

This material is not allowed in the test, but may be used to better understand and/or study.

NFPA documents can be purchased from the National Fire Protection Association at  You can purchase hard copies and have them mailed to you, or download pdf copies at time of purchase.  Note that NFPA has moved away from any new pdf editions starting in 2021.  Thus, you may be required to allow time for shipping.  We recommend using NFPA handbooks when available as they contain the full standard along with additional useful images, commentary, and explanations.  Before ordering, make sure you know what edition (Year) that you need.

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