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Use the links within each subject below to access study guides and required documents for the respective exams.

Fire Alarms


CSA currently has two fire alarm exams.  


The FA2 is generally used for the evaluation of field installers.  The FA4 is generally used to evaluate business representatives who are responsible for the installers, but are not designers.  The FA4 exam will satisfy requirements of the FA2.

Fire Alarm Page

Fire Extinguishers


The FEX exam is intended to evaluate the technical knowledge of those installing, servicing, inspecting, and testing fire extinguishers.  The exam includes material from Annex sections of NFPA 10 to ensure proper selection of agent for the hazard.

Since many service technicians also work on kitchen hood systems, we have a combined exam.

Fire Extinguisher Page

Clean Agents

The PEG2 exam is intended to evaluate technical knowledge of those designing, installing, servicing, inspecting, and testing Pre-Engineered clean agent systems.  This exam evaluates to code requirements.  This exam does not cover manufacturer specific requirements and system limitations or listing requirements.  Therefore, the AHJ should require evidence of manufacturer training for the particular system. 

Clean Agent Page



CSA currently has five sprinkler exams & a fire pump installer exam.

The most common exam recognized by jurisdictions is the ASCR2 for field installers.  This exam covers commercial and residential systems.  It is also used by some jurisdictions for those performing inspection, testing, and maintenance.  The ASCR4 is generally for business representatives who are responsible for installers.  The other assessments are divided into specialized segments such as residential, domestic, commercial systems, or fire pumps.

Sprinkler Page


Underground fire Mains


CSA currently has two exams for installers of underground fire mains.

The UFM2 is the most common recognized by jurisdictions for field installers.  The UFM4 is generally used for business representatives and will satisfy the requirements of UFM2.  We have found that unless held accountable, most utility contractors installing underground fire mains are not aware of NFPA 24 or code requirements.  These exams fill that void.

Underground Fire Main Page

Kitchen Hoods

Kitchen hoods are a difficult subject to test over as each system is pre-engineered to that manufacturers specific criteria.  To address this, CSA developed a fictitious design manual that was based on concepts of manufacture manuals.  This manual in addition with NFPA documents evaluated the candidates ability to properly select the proper nozzles for the appliances to be protected.   In addition to being evaluated to NFPA standards, installers should also be factory qualified for the respective systems.

Kitchen Hood Page


Fire Hydrants


At the request of Pikes Peak Regional Building Authority, CSA developed an exam to evaluate service providers that inspect, test, and maintain private fire hydrants.  This exam includes proper techniques for performing flow tests, the components of common fire hydrants, and more.

Fire Hydrant Page

Denver, CO

Denver, Colorado jurisdiction specific exams and information about these exams can be found at the link below.  

Denver, Colorado Page

Your Needs


If you have identified a specific subject that you would like to have a means of evaluating a group of individuals, contractor, or others, we may be able to help. 

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