Proctoring Options for Taking Exams

Starting in October 2020 candidates will have two options for taking their exams.  CSA will be transitioning exams to a new proctoring company with two options for proctoring (details below).  These will be transitioned in groups (not all at once).  As new exams are finalized and tested, CSA will start assigning new Request for Assessments to the new proctoring service.  Please be patient as CSA and our users adjust to the new systems.  If you have questions, please email us

The columns below summarize some key points about each option.  This pdf document also has similar information.

Online Proctoring

Kryterion Testing Center

  • These exams are taken at physical proctoring centers

  • Testing Mon - Fri (Saturdays at some centers)

  • Testing times limited 

  • In-person proctor available to assist candidate with starting exam and any issues during exam

  • Some states have more centers than previously, while others have fewer in some areas.  Use this link to search for centers by state.

  • Must travel to a center

  • Schedule changes must be made at least 72-hours before exam

  • Typically multiple candidates in the same room, and they may start/stop at different times

  • May be a quieter environment than a noisy office or home

  • Computer equipment & internet is provided

  • Do not have to log into system to test computer and set up biometrics ahead of time

  • Don't have to worry about corporate or company firewalls blocking connections

  • Candidate must bring their own non-programmable basic calculator into the exam.  Study Guide will indicate if calculator is used. 

*There are some tremendous benefits to online proctoring.  However, if there is not a suitable space free of distractions, it may not be the best option.  Online proctoring may not work for everyone.  The company may wish to set up a dedicated space (office/conference room/etc.) with pre-tested computer hardware and specific positioning of the USB web camera.  Or, the company may allow the candidate to take the exam at their home using their own equipment.  CSA will not be liable for distractions interfering with online proctored exams.  Therefore, CSA will leave it up to companies if they want to offer this service to their employees.  Since most companies pay for the candidates exams (or some of the exams), CSA thinks this decision is best left between the candidate and the company.  We would recommend that companies consider if they want to establish policies around this option and their payment / re-imbursement practices. 

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