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Confidence Testing - Fire Hydrant Technician

CTFH2 - Confidence Testing - Fire Hydrant Technician

Review important information on the "Test Info" page common to all exams and about marking / tagging your study material.


This assessment is intended for those who provide regular inspection, flow tests, servicing, and repair of fire hydrants and underground private mains.  Although originally developed for Pikes Peak Regional Building Authority, it has been utilized by numerous contractors as a quality control tool for their employees.

The exam covers NFPA 24, NFPA 25, proper flow testing of hydrants, various parts of fire hydrants as well as criteria established by Colorado Springs Fire Department.

Exam Fee:

Application Fee:          None

CTFH2 - Confidence Testing Fire Hydrant Technician     $170 / each attempt

Books Required:

  • NFPA 24, 2019 Edition

  • NFPA 25, 2020 (Handbook is recommended)

Important Concepts:

The following lists some but not all materials covered on exams.

  • Performing fire flow tests

  • Understanding and servicing fire hydrants

  • Flushing underground mains

Documents Required from Our Site:

Download and print these pdf documents.  (click link)

Other Optional Study Material:

This material is not allowed in the test, but may be used to better understand and/or study.

  • Manual M-17 “Installation, Field Testing, and Maintenance of Fire Hydrants” by the American Water Works Association (not required for exam)

  • NFPA 291: Recommended Practice for Fire Flow Testing and Marking of Hydrants (not edition specific)  (Material that exam covers is also included in Annex C of NFPA 24.)

NFPA documents can be purchased from the National Fire Protection Association at  You can purchase hard copies and have them mailed to you.  We recommend using NFPA handbooks when available as they contain the full standard along with additional useful images, commentary, and explanations.  Before ordering, make sure you know what edition (Year) that you need.  International Building and Fire Code Handbooks do not contain code content and are not recommended for CSA exams.

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