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Replacement ID Card or Certificate

If you need to order a new CSA ID card, a new certificate, or both please follow the instructions carefully on this page.  You must have at least one current qualification (not expired) to receive a replacement ID card / certificate.  Replacements will only show current qualifications.  


LOST OR REPLACEMENT: If you have lost or damaged an ID card / certificate and need an identical replacement please click the bar below to request a duplicate.  This will take you to a new webpage on our Square site where you can request the new ID card and/or certificate and make payment.  One new card or certificate is $15 each.  If you need a replacement ID card and one replacement certificate the fee is $25.  Multiple certificates must be ordered separately.  See options further down page for company or name changes.  

If there is suspicion of an individual trying to acquire multiple cards with different company names, CSA reserves the right to contact the individual or the indicated company(s) to verify current employment.  As owner of the card, CSA reserves the right to investigate criteria used in applications for assessments or used on ID cards.

Cards are Property of CSA
As indicated on the back side of all cards and in the accompanying letter of all previous and new cards, these cards are the property of CSA and are issued to the individual. CSA will include necessary information on the cards to insure the integrity of the qualification process and to assist the inspectors.  Only a single card will be issued to an individual. This card may indicate multiple qualifications (such as fire extinguisher and sprinkler.  If lost or damaged, replacement cards are available for a fee, but will have the same information. If an individual is suspected of displaying multiple cards (such as different companies), the inspector is directed to verify the company name with our records and if necessary take possession of the card.


New Company, New Company Name, or New Last Name:


If you need a new card with new information (not a duplicate) then you will need to print and return an ID Release Waiver form (click this link to open pdf document).  A fee of $25 is required when the old card is returned with form.  A fee of $50 is required if you have lost or do not return the old card.  Send form with a company check, cashier's check, or money order to CSA for the amount indicated.  Personal checks will not be accepted.


Based on feedback from inspectors and employers, the company’s name in our records will be indicated on each card. This has been carefully evaluated and discussed with companies and AHJ’s. If you change companies and need a new ID card you will be required to submit an “ID Release Waiver”.  If you change employers, a fee will be required with the waiver. The ID Release Waiver will require the signature of the employee, the supervisor's name for the employer indicated in our records, and if changing employers, a signature from the new employer. You will be required to return the previous card to CSA with the original signed waiver form and appropriate fee to obtain a new card.  Additional conditions and information including fees is provided on the release waiver and on our web site.  Please recognize that a CSA processing time of several days may be required to process a new ID card with a new company name.  You must keep a copy of the waiver and a copy of your old card with you during this processing time to show an inspector upon request that a change is in process. The inspectors may contact CSA for verification.

If your company has changed names and many cards are affected, please contact us before submitting.


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