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Denver, Colorado Exams - Watch for Updates

Effective January 1, 2023, The Denver Fire Department utilizes CSA to develop and administer several local exams while also recognizing several of our standard exams used by other state and local jurisdictions.  The following provides information on these exams.  Contractors are responsible to verify specifically what qualifications they need from the Denver Fire Department.  DCONV coming soon.  All others can be scheduled any time. 

Exams Recognized by Denver, Colorado:

DENFA / FA2 - Combined Denver Fire Alarm and On-Site Competent Person [See Info below]

ASCR2 - Sprinkler Commercial Residential On-Site Competent Person [See "Sprinklers" page]
FEX - Fire Extinguishers [See "Extinguishers & Kitchen Hoods" page]

CKH2 - Commercial Hood Install and Service [See "Extinguisher & Kitchen Hoods" page]

KHFE2 - Kitchen Hood & Fire Extinguisher (combined FEX & CKH2 exam) [See "Extinguisher & Kitchen Hoods" page]

FPU2 - Fire Pump Installation and Service [See "Sprinklers" page]

DCONV - Elevator and Escalator Conveyance Exam {Denver Conveyance System Inspector} [coming to CSA in 2nd quarter 2024, currently through Denver Fire]

DENFA / FA2- Combined Denver Fire Alarm and On-Site Competent Person

Review important information on the "Test Info" page common to all exams and about marking / tagging your study material.


This assessment is a combination exam incorporating Denver amendments with the FA2 - Fire Alarm On-Site Competent Person assessment.  When Requesting Assessments make sure to select the option for combined assessment.  If you have recently passed the FA2 exam (such as for another jurisdiction) than you will be able to register with Denver and your Denver license will expire with your FA2 expiration date.  This is a grace period to be determined by Denver Fire Department.  If there is any chance you will be working in Denver, you should take the combination exam. 


Upon passing the combination DENFA / FA2 exam you will have satisfied the criteria for FA2 recognized by other jurisdictions.  If another jurisdiction has questions about this let us know and we can reach out to them.   

Denver used to allow NICET II individuals to take only the Denver Amendments exam.  This is no longer an option as the DENFA exam is required.

Note: The grace period for Denver to recognize past FA2 only exams is subject to change at any time.  Verify your situation with the Denver Fire Department. 

Exam Fee:

Application Fee:          None

DENFA / FA2 - Denver Fire Alarm & FA2   $210 / each attempt

Important Concepts:

The following lists some but not all materials covered on exams.

  • Fire alarm related requirements of the International Building and International Fire Code

  • Denver fire alarm amendments and related material identified in study guide

  • Fire alarm initiation

  • Notification including visual and audibility

  • Detection types and spacing

  • Circuit types, support, sizing

  • Voltage drop with some calculations

  • OSHA

  • Panel clearance

Books Required:

  • *2018 International Fire Code

  • *2019 Amendments to the Building and Fire Code for the City and County of Denver

  • NFPA 72 - 2019 (Handbook is recommended)

  • NFPA 70 - NEC (see study guide for editions)

  • *Although Denver has adopted newer code editions, at this time test questions are based on the information above at their request

Documents Required from Our Site:

Download and print these pdf documents.  (click link)

Other Optional Study Material:

This material is not allowed in the test but may be used to better understand and/or study.

  • See suggested material under other Assessment Subjects sections such as Fire Alarms, Sprinklers, Etc. 

NFPA documents can be purchased from the National Fire Protection Association at  You can purchase hard copies and have them mailed to you.  We recommend using NFPA handbooks when available as they contain the full standard along with additional useful images, commentary, and explanations.  Before ordering, make sure you know what edition (Year) that you need.  International Building and Fire Code Handbooks do not contain code content and are not recommended for CSA exams.

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