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We apologize if you are experiencing issues.  The following information is provided to help in troubleshooting problems you might be experiencing.  Also see our Frequently Asked Questions page.   If you still have problems or concerns, use the options at the bottom of this list. 

  • Password "Token" error when trying to create / change password: 

The most common problem is the spam/antivirus software used by the user.  The password token is sent with the email and that link has one attempt to set / reset the password.  Spam / antivirus software will often ping (test) the link in the email to verify it is not taking the user to a corrupt link.  This is happening behind the scenes before the user gets the email in your inbox.  So then when you click on the link the one attempt has been used, and the token message appears.  To prevent the antivirus software from testing the link, please insert the following URL’s into whitelists within your antivirus software and firewalls.  This will usually help with email / password issues and also webcam and online proctoring issues.  You may have to contact your IT personnel who support your computer server / email hosting and local firewalls.  If a company representative is getting the emails and forwarding them to the worker than both need to add information to their whitelists / contacts.  


Make sure the IT person configures this for a permanent fix, so it is not impacted when the company reboots their servers/modems and the IP addresses on computers change.

Another issue we have heard is that it can be a Cache/memory issue.  You may go into your browser settings and clear your Cache.  Especially if you are processing multiple people and memory is storing multiple links.  

Closing and re-opening the browser, and also re-booting your computer can help to clear cache and memory issues. 

  • Error entering Voucher Code: If you are copy / pasting the voucher code from the voucher Email, make sure to delete any extra spaces before/after the code.  Any extra spaces will give an error that the voucher code is not valid. ​

  • You got a Cancellation / Reschedule email unexpectedly:  Due to unforeseen conditions (power outage, sick proctors, etc.) it is possible that a testing center may have to close / cancel exams unexpectedly.  In this case you may receive a reschedule or cancellation notice that you did not initiate.  If this is the case, please log into the candidates account and reschedule for another time/location.  When Kryterion initiates a global reschedule for a center it may show up as a fictitious location with specific information in description letting you know that it had to be rescheduled.  This is done to avoid the candidate having to reenter the voucher code when selecting a new location.  If cancelled the candidate will need to reenter the voucher code from the voucher email they were sent. 

  • Navigating the scheduling screens:  If you are new to scheduling a candidate and would like some help navigating the scheduling screens, use this pdf document.  It will walk you through the various screens.

  • Having problems scheduling on your phone / tablet:  When scheduling you must check and accept a Terms and Conditions box.  Due to browser compatibility issues, many phones and tablets do not allow you to check this box.  Without checking the box you cannot complete the schedule process.  The only fix at this time is to use a laptop or PC with a different browser. 

  • Issues with Video:  This is usually due to type of camera or firewall settings.  Make sure you are using a USB webcam that satisfies requirements under the Proctoring Options page and Webcam Tips page.   Make sure to add the URL locations to your system "White Lists".  These are listed up in the Password "Token" paragraph above.  Contact Kryterion Support for more assistance. 

  • Want to Test Your Computer System:  If you are wanting to setup a work computer for multiple people and would like to test your configuration before doing online exams, email CSA for a system configuration practice exam.  This service is limited to work computers with tighter firewall settings and must be scheduled by a CSA staff member. 

Kryterion Support: If you are still experiencing issues with passwords cancelling/rescheduling an exam, or launching an exam, use the underlined link below to go to Kryterion support page where there will be an option to "Chat with an Expert" at the bottom of the screen.  If you are not the candidate, but are listed as the Contact Person when you submitted your request with CSA, make sure to start off the chat session indicating that you are the authorized Contact Person in the Candidates Account  for "their name" and Username "CAK20#####".  This will help the support tech know that you are not the candidate, but their representative.  They can verify your name in the candidates account "Client Specific Fields".  Visit Kryterion Support / Chat  

If you still experience issues after reviewing the above, please email CSA with as much information as you can to help us resolve your issues. 

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