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New Changes, Proctoring Options, and Fee Increase

Updated October 1, 2020

CSA is in the process of implementing new options for proctoring.  This will significantly improve your testing availability.    Here is a quick summary of enhancements.  See Proctoring Options, Test Info, Webcam Tips, and Assessment Subject Pages for new information. 


You will have the option to test at a physical proctoring center, or from your office/home 24-hours a day saving considerable travel time (this will depend on your company and your computer equipment). 

We are reviewing and updating all of our exams with these new services.  We will be collecting fees at time of requesting assessments.  You will need to submit pictures at time of making request if we do not have a picture within last 6 months.  There are a number of other enhancements being made. 


Unfortunately, these enhancements will also include increased fees ($30 on average).  We recognize the difficult time for fee increases.  However, we have not had a fee increase since 2012, and believe you will appreciate the enhancements.  These changes have been in the works for over a year, and have become necessary.  This transition has started and will continue through October of 2020.  We will transition to new exams in groups (not all at once).  Additional information and updates will be sent out to those on our mailing list (see below).  A single email will likely be sent out to all emails we have received over the last year.  Thus, if you have not joined our Email list below, please do so for updated information.  Keep a watch out for information as we are ready to release it. 

As soon as we have new exams proofed and ready to go, we will activate the new registration page to allow registration for the new exams.  If you have questions or concerns please email us as we all work through this transition. 

Study guides and website have been updated with references to new codes.  Note that the 2019 edition of NFPA 13 was totally reformatted and most things moved.