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When you are ready to "Request an Assessment" Read the following instructions and submit the form below.

  1. Visit the "Test Info" page and appropriate "Assessment Subject" page for important study material and information about assessments.  If you are new to CSA please read this document (click link) to answer questions about CSA certifications.

  2. Ensure the candidate has all study material and is ready for the exam before submitting the form below.

  3. Complete and submit the form below along with picture of candidate and credit card payment.  Upon submittal, you will get an immediate confirmation email to verify your information, along with a Square payment receipt email. 

  4. Upon review, CSA will process your request and import necessary information to our proctoring partner (Kryterion).  

  5. Once uploaded (1 - 3 business days) you will receive two more Emails.  First is a Welcome email for setting your password to your new user account.  The second has your Voucher Code to schedule your assessment.  You normally have 60 days from the initial request to take an assessment.

  6. If you will be taking an online proctored exam, make sure you have the correct computer equipment and have tested the system.  Online proctored schedule changes must be made 24-hours in advance by the candidate.  If you are taking exam at a proctoring center, you will be able to select your location, date, and time when you get the voucher email.  Proctored center changes must be made at least 72 hours before the assessment start time by the candidate.

  7. Candidate must provide their own copies of code books for open book tests.  The test center will not provide books.  Candidates are now required to bring their own basic non-programable calculators (when indicated in study guide).  Make sure you download appropriate materials from our web site for your respective exam.  View "Test Info" and "Assessment Subjects" for important information to help you prepare for a test. 

  8. Upon passing an assessment, an ID card and certificate will be mailed in approximately 3 weeks. 

  9. Unless indicated otherwise, all assessments require an 80% passing score and expire in three years.  Score results will automatically be emailed to the email address in our system. 

  10. If you need to retake an assessment due to not passing or missing an exam time, you must process a new Request from the CSA website and pay new fees.

There are no refunds or cancellation once you make a payment.  Substitutions of other participants are not allowed.  Schedule changes must be made by the user on-line 24 or 72 hours before the scheduled assessment (depending on proctoring type).  By requesting and paying for an assessment you agree to CSA Terms and Conditions.  Additional terms and conditions may apply as outlined by the proctoring company.  We strongly recommend that you do not schedule your exam within three days as you may not be able to make changes.

Complete and Submit the form below to Request an Assessment and start the 60 day test window.  Not ready yet!  No problem, after getting all your books and studying, submit your Request to get started.  Improperly completed forms may result in delays or be rejected altogether. 

Important Changes: 

1) CSA is now taking payments at time of Requesting Assessments so you are required to include credit card payment with this request.

2) As part of our new verification process, a jpg image photo file of the candidate is required with this Request.  Do not submit copy of drivers license or pdf file.

3) Candidates now have Proctoring Options.  Please review Test Info page so you can identify which option is best for your candidate.


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Important Updates:

This space will be used to provide important information such as holiday schedules, updated exams, etc.

We made minor revisions to the Online Proctoring Checklist, download new copy for changes, such as do not read questions out loud. 


Please provide a head-shot jpg photo from shoulders up (without mask) similar to this. (cannot accept picture of drivers license, pdf, or scan)

Name the image first and last name as on drivers license.

Make sure there are no other people in the background, or that the background is busy with objects that distract from person. 

CSA will not receive this form if payment is not processed.

If form does not "Submit" and go to payment page, scroll up and verify "Required" fields are complete.  You may need to scroll down on next page to see next step on bottom of page.  If you get a red error when making payment, let us know ASAP.