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Schedule Early

Many testing centers are closed around Thanksgiving and Mid-December to Mid-January. 

Those that are open are usually booked due to others being closed.  Make sure to schedule assessments early.

CSA Offices will also be closed the week of Thanksgiving

and Dec. 18 - Jan. 2.  Request Forms will NOT be processed during these dates.

On the Payment Page

please enter the

"Candidate Name"

in the

"SHIPPING INFORMATION" field to help you and CSA match the payment to the person. 

On Payment Page, enter the "email address" where you want payment receipt to be sent (supervisor / credit card holder).

There may be a short pause as your information is handed off to Square for Processing.

CSA cannot process this request without proper payment made with the request.

If form does not "Submit" and go to payment page, scroll up and verify "Required" fields are complete.  You may need to scroll down on next page to see next step on bottom of page.  If you get a red error when making payment, let us know ASAP.

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