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Score Report: Getting your score report as soon as you take your assessment.  Using this link you can log into your Dash Board and print out your score report.  You will need your CA number and Pin/Password.  Look under the History tab and click on the word Passed or Fail to open the report for the respective exam.  At the bottom you can Send the report to the email in our system, or Print the report.  This report can also be Sent from the testing center.  Reports cannot be printed at the testing center.

Test Information and Study Material: Make sure to visit the "Assessment Subjects" link for important test information and study guides.  Some tests require documents found on our site.

The Process to Getting CSA Certified:  Are you new to CSA Assessments?  This brochure should answer nearly all your questions.  Please review for very valuable information.

Assessment Pricing: Visit the individual "Assessment Subject" page for pricing information.

How to request and schedule an assessment:  When you are ready to request an assessment, use the link to "Request Assessments" at the top of page.  After reading the 10 bullets of important information, complete the Request form.  After submitting this form it will take us approximately 1-3 business days to review and process your request.  Within 3 days you will receive an email from our proctoring partner PSI with your "CA" number and a PIN.  There will be a link within the email that will take you to the scheduling web site.  From the scheduling web site you will make payment, select the testing center that you want to use, select the date you want to test, and select from the available times.  There are no refunds, so make sure the proper test is selected before making payment.

​​To access a participants Dash Board and view information about assessments taken within the last three years, click here.   You can also view information about assessments you are currently scheduled for such as time allowed, number of questions, etc.  Do NOT change your password or a proctor will not be able to launch your exam.

To Update a participants address, email, etc. Please use our contact page or send us an email to update information.  If you are signing up for a new test, follow the Request Assessment link at top and your information will automatically be updated.

​​​​Find PSI testing locations before requesting assessment.  If you would like to know where testing centers are located you can use this link.   

If you want to check available PSI testing dates before making payment.  From this link, select organization as Certification/Professional Association.  Then select Compliance Services and Assessments. You can then select your assessment title and testing location.  Make sure to select the appropriate date range.  Some centers first available date may be 3 or 4 weeks out.  Schedule early.

Jurisdiction Information:

Information on Phoenix Fire Department contractor certifications can be found at this link


Information on Arizona State Fire Marshal criteria for contractors can be found at this link.

Information on Pikes Peak Regional Building Department fire protection contractor licensing requirements can be found at this link.  Open the pdf document "Contractor Licensing Application Guide".  Scroll through the document for the Third Party Testing criteria.

Information on the state of Colorado Sprinkler Fitter requirements can be found at this link

Verify requirements with your local jurisdiction.


Payment for Miscellaneous services: Use the link below if you need to pay for miscellaneous services.  Make sure to include an explanation of payment in the comment section.  Use only when directed by CSA staff.

Reschedule / Cancel Exam
If you need to cancel or re-schedule an exam already scheduled, use this link.  Changes to an existing schedule should be made three days before an exam.  Log in using your CA username and PIN/Password that you used to schedule the exam.  If you are within the three days, we suggest you try it and see if the system will let you reschedule.   Within three days you can cancel your current appointment and reschedule at a later time as long as it is within your 90 day window of initial request.  Cancelling will only hold your payment within the 90 day window, refunds will not be issued.
Flexible Sprinkler Retrofit Analyzer

This is a FREE Excel tool to help contractors and AHJ's determine if an existing sprinkler system can be retrofitted with flexible sprinkler drops without requiring new calculations.   Excel File     pdf Handout about the tool.   We have also prepared a detailed report reviewing the concerns around flexible drops and validation of the hydraulic calculations in the Excel file.   Download pdf Report.      Excel file updated 10/11/17.   Recent revisions: Allow credit for existing drops; Minor text/format fix.  A lookup by brand version is available with conditions.  Contact CSA for information.


Renewing Qualifications

If your current qualification is about to expire or you have expired you will need to re-take the assessment to renew your qualification.  Follow the links to Request Assessments. 

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