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Fire Alarms - In A Day's Work

This course is a must for engineers, architects, fire marshal's, building plan reviewers, general contractors, electrical contractors, facility owners, facility maintenance staff, and anyone who wants to understand some fundamental requirements for fire alarm systems.  This course is a good introduction for new fire alarm technicians, and provides some good information for veteran technicians. 

This course covers a lot of criteria common to a days work.  The course is developed around some of the most common deficiencies frequently identified during reviews of engineering bid drawings, shop drawings, inspections, and commissioning.  Some of the items to be covered include:

  • Understanding the design to construction process

  • Engineers responsibilities for bid documents, shop drawings, inspections.

  • Designer and installer qualifications

  • What triggers requirement for fire alarm

  • Conventional vs. Addressable

  • Circuit and pathway survivability (new criteria)

  • Notification appliances

  • Audibility including wattage impacts, dB loss from distance, loss through walls.

  • Intelligibility incorporating speaker type, spacing, wattage, quantity, message quality, content.

  • Strobe and horn spacing

  • Detection devices including spot smoke, spot heat, linier heat, sampling smoke, duct smoke.

  • Voltage drop calculations

  • Mass Notification Systems (new voice systems)

  • Risk Analysis (required for MNS)

  • Emergency Response Plan (required by code)

  • Fireman’s phone, area of refuge, stairway communications (now regulated by NFPA 72).

  • And more

Snacks and drinks will be provided.  Unless indicated, lunch is not provided.  Session starts promptly at 8:00am and will run to approximately 5:00pm.  We recommend you arrive around 7:45.  We will send out a reminder email several days before the class.  Let us know if you have any particular needs.

Suggest bringing a copy of NFPA 72 (2010/2013 Recommended.  Bring latest edition you have.)



Additional Locations Being Evaluated: *=Looking for sponsors

  • *Amarillo, TX; *Oklahoma City, OK

  • *Huntsville, AL; *Mobile, AL; *Panama City, FL; *Mississippi

  • *Albuquerque, NM; *Las Cruces, NM

Some of our Past Seminars and Hosts/Sponsors:

  • Corpus Christi, TX: Corpus Christi Fire Department

  • Sugarland. TX: Sugarland Fire Department

  • Rogers, AR: Rogers Fire Department

  • Des Moines, IA: Iowa Fire Marshal's Assoc. and Hawkeye State Fire Safety Assoc.

  • Phoenix, AZ: Phoenix Fire Department

  • Phoenix, AZ: AZ Chapter Automatic Fire Alarm Association

  • Tucson, AZ: Northwest Fire District

  • Colorado Springs, CO: CS Fire Department

  • Windsor, CO: Windsor Severance Fire Rescue

  • Olathe, KS: Poole Fire Protection

  • Ashland, NE: Nebraska Association of Alarm Contractors

  • Boise, ID: Boise Fire Department

  • Spokane, WA: Spokane Fire Department

  • Billings, MT: Billings Fire Department

  • Idaho Falls, ID: Idaho National Labs


Most of our seminars are sponsored/hosted by local associations, AHJ's, or companies.  Sponsors provide facilities, advertising and promotion within their region. To keep our seminar costs low we require sponsors to reach out to local markets and spread the word.  We find that local representatives are best able to do this.  If you are interested in sponsoring/hosting a seminar, please contact us.


Note: Although our seminars should help individuals preparing for a CSA assessment, the seminars are not specifically designed or targeted around an assessment.  Meaning that attending a seminar does not mean you will pass an assessment.  More information is covered on assessments than what is in a seminar.

Contact us about seminars
If you are interested in hosting a seminar in your area, contact us.
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