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Like other businesses, CSA is monitoring the spread of the Novel Coronavirus and looking at opportunities to address our customers needs during this new challenge. 

While nobody knows exactly what the coming days, weeks, or months will bring, we are evaluating how we can support our candidates and code authorities.  We know that most testing centers have been impacted, including closings.  Some centers are currently shown to be closed until April 13, while others are closed into May, and some Later.  We suspect that when they open there may be limited seats based on spacing candidates.  We are currently allowing a 5 month eligibility rather than the usual three months.  If this is not enough time, let us know. 

We have notified some of the AHJ's of this impact and they are evaluating their policies with regards to expirations and their local policies.


Due to the number of candidates being re-scheduled during the closed period we recommend you schedule your date as soon as you get your email from PSI (1-2 business days after submitting request to CSA).  Please make sure to study and try to avoid canceling or changes as the centers need to make sure all available seats are filled to catch up. 

If you have made a payment but cannot get an exam scheduled, please email us ASAP so that we can look into extending the eligibility before it expires.  Make sure to include the name of the candidate affected.  Make sure to look at other testing centers that may still be open, realizing that they could close at any time. 

For latest information from PSI, including impacted testing centers, cleaning procedures, and other information, please use the link to visit the PSI COVID-19 page.  This will open a new page.  To see impacts of testing centers in the U.S., follow their links and select "USA" towards bottom of pull-down list.  This is most likely the latest information that CSA will have.  If a testing center will be closing, PSI will contact the individual via the email that was provided.  If CSA is made aware of the closing, we will also try to reach out to any scheduled candidates by phone and email to notify them.  We ask that users check the PSI COVID-19 site regularly as well and cancel / reschedule your assessments if you notice a center closed during your scheduled time.  This will greatly help PSI and CSA.  PLEASE NOTE that PSI has more test centers in some cities than CSA uses.  So if you see a center closed in your city, make sure it is your scheduled test center. 


We understand that these assessments are important.  However, please make sure that if any candidate is experiencing flu-like symptoms they DO NOT go to a testing center.  If the symptoms develop within the normal three-day cancellation window please visit the PSI Schedule link to cancel an exam.  If you have any problems, please email CSA and we will assist. 

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