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On-Line Training

No one understands the benefits of training better than CSA.  For years our participants have been asking for training classes.  Although we occasionally held seminars for inspectors, reviewers, and designers, we tended to stay away from classes for installers.  Individuals are not required to take a CSA training course to take our assessments.  Our goal has always been to make sure fire protection contractors were the best in what they do.  CSA will not be an organization that offers a three day seminar and then gives an exam at the end while the instructor helps the students with the questions.  We believe we have implemented an approach that improves an individuals skill, while clearly separating the qualification assessment process through our third-party proctoring.

CSA recognizes that there are too many people who seriously want to learn, and too few opportunities.  As a result, we have decided to implement web-based training.  Note, that CSA training is not specifically developed around our exam questions.  Instead, our training modules will be based around general concepts beneficial to your profession. 

CSA will be working with various subject matter experts to develop training modules.  If we are presented with materials that we feel are beneficial to installers, code enforcers, designers, engineers, etc. then we will work to make it available to everyone.  If you have or wish to develop related material, let us know.  The fire protection community is a very close group.  Most are thrilled to share their experience and skills to help others.  CSA wants to help share this knowledge.

You do not need to hold a CSA card, or even be in our qualification system to utilize the on-line training.  You do not need to take training to become CSA qualified.  Remember, they are separate services.

You will need to create a user login using your email address, and password.  Payments can be made using Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or PayPal.

We look forward to your feedback regarding this new service or any of the training modules.  For additional questions or feedback, please email our training representative at training(at)  Please insert @ in place of (at). {left out to limit spam programs}


Training modules include (but may not be limited too):

  • Fire Alarm Strobes and Spacing (engineers / designers / installers / AHJ's)

  • Electronic Principles and Fire Alarm Calculations - Part I   (designers / installers / AHJ's)

  • Electronic Principles and Fire Alarm Calculations - Part II   (designers / installers / AHJ's)

  • Understanding Your Fire Alarm   (for users)

Are you a subject expert
If you are a subject matter expert and would like to develop on-line training and get commission in return, please contact us for information.
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