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Through 2020, 2021, and 2022 CSA and Kryterion have been very accommodating in trying to reschedule candidates for COVID related sickness.  As with other businesses, the proctoring agencies and centers have taken a large financial hit due to reduced testing capacity from spacing and last-minute cancelations.   CSA has tried to be sensitive to these issues on all sides. 


Few people are taking advantage of COVID vaccines and boosters or wearing masks to limit the spread.  Many gather in large groups or around large groups without social distancing or masks.  As such, it is not fair for businesses to continue to suffer for people not doing their part to limit the spread or reduce the impact of catching COVID.  Therefore, CSA will no longer be as accommodating of last-minute cancellations.  Rather than proctoring centers being left with empty seats and financial loss, we would recommend that companies and candidates be personally responsible to reduce the exposure potential and severity.  This can be by individuals avoiding large groups, wearing masks around large groups, getting vaccinated, maintaining boosters, washing hands regularly.  These follow recommendations by the Centers for Disease Control and other experts in such areas.  Wether candidates choose to take these steps in the week(s) leading up to their scheduled exam, daily, or not at all, is up to them. 

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