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When you are ready to "Request an Assessment" Read the following instructions and submit the form below.

  1. Visit the "Test Info" page and appropriate "Assessment Subject" page for important study material and information about assessments.  If you are new to CSA please read this document (click link) to answer questions about CSA certifications.

  2. Ensure the candidate has all study material and is ready for exam.

  3. Complete and submit the form below.

  4. Upon review, CSA will process your request and forward necessary information to PSI.  PSI is the proctoring agency and location where the test will be taken.

  5. Within 3 business days you should receive an Email from PSI with further instructions on making payment and scheduling the assessment.  New participants may take an additional couple days to process.  

  6. When you get the schedule email from PSI you will be able to make payment, select the proctoring location, view their available openings, and schedule the assessment.  You will need to make a payment with PSI before scheduling.  To change a schedule with PSI, go back to the PSI schedule site and make the change yourself for the appropriate time.  Changes must be made at least three days before the assessment start time.

  7. DO NOT change your password within any of the systems or the proctors will not be able to launch your exam.

  8. You must provide your own copies of code books for open book tests.  The test center will not provide books.  Make sure you download appropriate materials from our web site for your respective test.  View "Test Info" and "Assessment Subjects" for important information to help you prepare for a test. 

  9. Upon passing an assessment, an ID card and certificate will be mailed in approximately 3 weeks.  Unless indicated otherwise, all assessments require an 80% passing score and expire in three years.  At the test center when you are reviewing your exam score Click on "SEND" to email the score report to the email address in our system.  You can also access the participants Dash Board to print your score report.

  10. If you need to retake an assessment due to not passing or missing an exam time, you must process a new Request from the CSA website and wait for an email from PSI to reschedule.  Full fees apply each time candidate takes / schedules an exam.

There are no refunds or cancellation once you make a payment.  Substitutions of other participants are not allowed.  Schedule changes must be made by the user on-line three days before the scheduled assessment.  By requesting and paying for an assessment you agree to CSA Terms and Conditions.  Additional terms and conditions may apply as outlined by the proctoring center.  We strongly recommend that you do not schedule your exam within three days as you will not be able to make changes.

Complete and Submit the form below to Request an Assessment. 

Currently we are in the process of making system changes, which will impact how payments are made and exams.  As a result, any requests submitted in September must be taken by the end of SEPTEMBER .  PSI has very limited available dates left.  If you are wanting to take advantage of our new proctoring options, email us and we will let you know as soon as the new registration process is ready (by end of September).    Note that there will be a fee increase when the changes come into effect in late September (averaging $30 increase).  If you have difficulty getting a date scheduled, please notify CSA via email.  We appreciate your patience as we make this much needed transition between systems and proctoring companies. 

We will not sell or distribute our list.  This is voluntary to help us keep you informed.

Important Updates:

This space will be used to provide important information such as holiday schedules, updated exams, etc.

Big enhancements coming to CSA September & October of 2020.  With these enhancements there will be some changes.  Watch for updates as we phase in enhancements.   Some changes will include:

1) Payments will be required at time of making request for assessments (this page in future)

2) To verify candidate and improve quality of ID photos, pictures will be submitted by user when requesting assessments (via drag & drop upload) and verified by proctors.  

3) Exams are being updated to new codes.  This includes new questions and new breakdown of topics to help identify missed questions.  Study guides will also be updated to help prepare for exams. 

4) There will be increased fees with new system.

At this time, you will do nothing different.  We will post and email more information as it becomes available.

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