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Evaluating Contractors to Codes & Standards
"Without assessments, all you have are assumptions!"

CSA understands the importance of fire protection and life safety systems.  We also understand they are only effective when they are installed correctly.  Ensuring that contractors know the codes, standards, and legal requirements is a critical first step.  Since 2002 CSA has been helping jurisdictions and contractors ensure that installers of life safety systems can demonstrate minimum qualifications.

CSA also understands that installers are not designers.  As such, an installer should not be expected to complete lengthy documentation, paying multiple registration and exams fees, and waiting months for the results.  That is why CSA exams are specifically focused around installers, require one fee, and can be taken with results within days.  Our exams can also be taken with Online proctoring from your office/home or at a physical proctoring location.  CSA understands that contractors want to ensure their employees are qualified, while also recognizing that turn-over in this field is high.  Thus, they appreciate programs that keep things simple, keep costs down, and improves their overall quality.

Code authorities want means to ensure that their contractors are familiar with codes and standards, not just on-the-job training.  We understand that many installers learn from others who may have never owned a copy of the legal requirements (codes/standards) or been held accountable through written exams.  CSA exams require the individuals to be very familiar with the standards, how they are organized, and how to find the information. 

CSA is the only national qualifications body who provides:

  • The individuals photo on their qualification card (individual taking the exam)

  • Up to 5 qualifications on a single photo ID card (each with their own expiration)

  • The individuals company name to match with job permits for accountability

CSA partners with  code authorities and contractors for solutions that work for both.  We can implement programs around an AHJ's specific needs.  Contact us on how we can help your jurisdiction.

Our assessments offer many advantages including:

  • Can be taken within days of scheduling, not months

  • No detailed applications to complete or delay processing

  • No reference forms required to delay processing

  • Testing available 24-hours and only limited by Online or site scheduling

  • Online proctors are located within the U.S. (not another country)

  • Hundreds of physical test locations

  • On-line payment and scheduling is available 24 hours a day

  • On-line 24/7 schedule changes (up to 24-hours  before exam for Online and three days for physical locations)

  • You know your score at the end of the assessment

  • Qualifications are based on what you know, not how long you have done it or where you learned it - Do you know it?

  • High quality PVC (credit card style) ID cards with photo, and certificates upon successful completion

  • Assessments are proctored by professionally trained staff

  • Assessments are recorded for security and integrity of tests

  • Two forms of ID are required to take assessments and individuals picture is taken for documentation purposes

  • Questions are developed, and reviewed by professionals in the field of fire protection with experience in plan review, installation, inspections, and code enforcement.  Oversight of registered fire protection engineers.  Technical advisers actively involved in trade associations and NFPA code development.

  • Can include local amendments and the needs of local requirements

  • We have been using computer based exams since inception in 2002

  • Compare our costs to the competition

Ready to Get Started?

Click on the "Request Assessment" Link at top of page to start the process of demonstrating your qualifications.

Exam fees are provided on each Assessment Subject page.

Exam Topics
  • Fire Alarms

  • Sprinklers

    • Commercial

    • Residential

  • Underground Fire Mains

  • Fire Extinguishers

  • Kitchen Hoods

  • Fire Hydrants

  • Fire Pumps

  • Clean agents


January 2023

Welcome City of Denver, CO.  Denver has joined the State of Colorado and Colorado Springs (El Paso County) in recognizing CSA qualifications.

Newley developed exams include fire pump installers and clean agent systems. 

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