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The State of Colorado Division of Fire Safety (DFS) has new requirements effective July 1, 2011 for fire sprinkler fitters.  In addition to apprenticeship / experience requirements, each sprinkler fitter will be required to pass a computer based proctored exam / assessment.

This website provides information on CSA and the assessment process.  Successfully passing the applicable assessment will satisfy one portion of DFS requirements.  Individuals preparing for a CSA assessment need to visit the "Test Info" section of our site for important information.  Information and fees for assessments can also be found under the "Request Assessment" link.

The CSA ASCR2 exam used for Pikes Peak Regional Building Department licensing is the same ASCR2 exam required by the DFS.  Therefore, if you have recently passed the ASCR2 exam it will be recognized by both Pikes Peak Regional Building Department and DFS.  However, you are still required to register with both agencies as they have additional requirements for licensure. 

Expiration / Renewal Dates:  It is a requirement of the Colorado law that your exam qualifications be valid for the respective DFS licensing period.  Example: if your CSA qualification expires in April 2011, and you are applying for a new DFS license in June of 2011, which will expire June 2012, then you will need to renew your CSA qualification before applying to DFS.  Your CSA ASCR2 will need to have an expiration date later than your DFS expiration date.

Copy of House Bill 10-1241.

CSA provides limited information on Colorado requirements in an effort to assist contractors.  CSA does not certify the accuracy of AHJ requirements as things may change.  Contractors should verify licensing requirements with the local Authority Having Jurisdiction.

Division of Fire Safety Requirement CSA Assessment (Minimum)
Sprinkler Fitter ASCR2



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