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Sprinkler Contractors:  CSA has developed an Excel based worksheet for retrofitting flexible sprinkler drops into existing systems.  If you are interested, click on the Contractor Information link in left margin after putting in your request.  It is called Flexible Sprinkler Retrofit Analyzer.  This is NOT test related.  Just a tool to help contractors and AHJ's.

June 19, 2017.  A number of exams have been evaluated to current NFPA standards, such as NFPA 10, 17A, 24, 96, and others.  Many of the study guides were also updated with some new information.  UFM exams will require a supplemental document on trenches and excavations.  Check the Test Info page for new / updated information and documents. 

NOTICE for Colorado Participants: If you are registering for a Colorado Sprinkler Assessment, please make sure to select the proper assessment.  If you will be installing commercial NFPA 13 sprinkler systems, Colorado jurisdictions REQUIRE an ASCR2 assessment.  There are no refunds for requesting and paying for the wrong assessment.  See links at the bottom of the "Test Info" page for more info on Colorado requirements.


If you are scheduling for another person, Please make sure they know to review important information on our site under the "Test Info" link before taking a test.  CSA is not responsible for participants not knowing how long a test is, what to study, what books to bring, how the test works, etc.  Do not change your password / PIN in any system or the proctor will not be able to launch the exam.

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If your qualification is expiring, you will need to re-test for renewal.  Retesting ensures that participants are using updated code books and are staying up-to-date with code changes.  Renewal process is the same as for taking the test the first time.

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