Nationally Delivered Assessments

CSA uses PSI testing services in order of offering hundreds of professionally proctored locations across the United States. 

Here is how the our national assessment process works.

  1. Visit the "Test Info" page for important study material and information about assessments.  If you are new to CSA please read this document to answer questions about CSA certifications.
  2. Click on the "Next Step" link below after you have reviewed the following information.
  3. Use the "Registration Form" (following links to next step) to request an assessment.
  4. Upon review, CSA will process your request and forward necessary information to PSI.
  5. Within 3 business days you should receive an Email from PSI with further instructions on making payment and scheduling the assessment.  New participants may take an additional couple days to process.  You typically have 60 days from the initial request to take an assessment.
  6. When you get the schedule email from PSI you will be able to make payment, select the proctoring location, view their available openings, and schedule the assessment.  You will need to make a payment with PSI before scheduling.  To change a schedule with PSI, go back to the schedule site and make the change yourself for the appropriate time.  Changes must be made at least three days before the assessment start time.
  7. Do NOT change your password within any of the systems or the proctors will not be able to launch your exam.
  8. You must provide your own copies of code books for open book tests.  The test center will not provide books.  Make sure you download appropriate materials from our web site for your respective test.  View Test Info for important information to help you prepare for a test.  NFPA documents can be purchased at
  9. Upon passing an assessment, an ID card and certificate should be mailed in approximately 3 weeks.  Unless indicated otherwise, all assessments require an 80% passing score and expire in three years.  At the test center when you are reviewing your exam score Click on "SEND" to email the score report to the email address in our system.  You can also access participants Dash Board to print your score report.
  10. If you need to retake an assessment due to not passing or missing an exam time, you must process a new request from this web site and wait for an email from PSI to reschedule.  Full fees apply each time to take an exam.

There are no refunds or cancellation once you make a payment.  Substitutions of other participants are not allowed.  Schedule changes must be made on-line three days before your scheduled assessment.  By scheduling and paying for an assessment you agree to CSA Terms and Conditions.  Additional terms and conditions may apply as outlined by the proctoring center.  We strongly recommend that you do not schedule your exam within three days as you will not be able to make changes.


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Visit our "Test Info" link for very important information regarding the test format, study materials, use of books during assessment, calculators, and other important information.  There may be some information related to select jurisdictions. 

Fees for these assessments are as follows and are subject to change:

  • FA2 - Fire Alarm Competent On-Site Person $150
  • FA4 - Fire Alarm Business Representative / Certificate Holder $170
  • ASC2 - Sprinkler Competent On-Site Person - Commercial $150
  • ASR2- Sprinkler Competent On-Site Person - Residential $140
  • ASCR2 - Sprinkler Competent On-Site Person - Commercial & Residential $170
  • ASCR4 - Sprinkler Business Representative / Certificate Holder $170
  • ASD2 - Sprinkler Competent On-Site Person - Domestic $140
  • UFM2 - Private Fire Service Mains (Underground) $140
  • UFM4 - Private Fire Service Mains Business Certificate Holder $150
  • FEX - Fire Extinguishers $140
  • CKH2 - Commercial Kitchen Hood Installation and Service $140
  • KHFE2 - Kitchen Hood & Fire Extinguisher On-Site $200**
  • CTFH2 - Confidence Testing - Fire Hydrants $140
  • Other special assessments may be offered by a specific jurisdiction.  Pricing will be provided on that page.

** This is a combination 2-hour test that will qualify for both Kitchen Hoods & Fire Extinguishers in one sitting at 25% discount over individual assessments.

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