Information About Nationally Proctored Assessments

Compliance Services and Assessments utilizes national proctoring services.  CSA signed a partnership with a large proctoring agency having over 230 locations across the United States. 

In addition to maintaining our customized assessments for specific jurisdictions, we are implementing standardized tests that can be administered nationally.  These assessments will satisfy requirements for qualifications of contractors as outlined by minimum codes.  CSA has been administering tests since 2002.  This service allows us to administer throughout the US without needing participating fire marshals to proctor the test.

The difference between our proctoring service and others:

  1. Staff dedicated to proctoring assessments

  2. Most assessments are video and audio recorded for high-stake test integrity

  3. The individuals picture is taken following verification of ID for documentation of who took the test

  4. A dedicated proctoring location within 1-hour drive of 85% of the population

  5. Schedule on-line and change schedules electronically (24-hours a day) up to 48-hours before the assessment

  6. No continuing education points to keep up with or track

  7. Participants must retest every three years to demonstrate competency and knowledge with latest codes

  8. No reference forms to fill out

  9. No minimum years of experience required

  10. Assessments are intended to evaluate if you know the code, not how much paperwork you can fill out and how long it takes to review

  11. Lower cost per assessment

  12. Our assessments are intended to effectively evaluate contractor qualifications while making it easier for the contractor to demonstrate the qualifications

  13. Issue a high-quality PVC identification card which includes the companies name and individuals photo

  14. CSA develops assessments around a jurisdictions needs.**

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**Customized assessments may require minimum volume expectations to recover setup costs.  Limitations may apply.  We are happy to evaluate and provide details.



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